World Record. Who would have thought?

It is really too strange and still a bit hard to believe, but it's done: yersterday, Andrea Zuccari aka boss-instructor and I dived together to -125m. From there, you can see the bottom! Amazing.

I started the day with my customary rush of nerves, which continued throughout the morning. I have a really special way with this: I do it in half hour shifts, meaning for half an hour I will be totally ok, thinking things such as: what the hell, just a training dive, never mind, etc, and then for the next half hour I will be in a blind panic. Cameraman Emmanuele, who has been in charge of filming the entire process, was laughing at me, telling me I looked like a confused child, because aparently I had taken to twisting my hair to calm down. Well, Manu, you try being sent to 125m by a couple of Italians! See if you have any hair left at the end of it!

In any case, we went out to beautiful conditions and my warm ups were average, as usual in such situations. Then it was time for the first sled warm up to 60m. It was horrible. I felt as stressed as on day one. Surfacing, Marco said: how was it? And my charming partner shouted enthusastically: fantastic! Oh sh....thinks the blond girl, it will all be my fault, it will all be my fault...

Truth was, Andrea was just as bad as me, and when I thought I would faint with the butterflies in my stomach during the final countdown, he could barely breathe from the rush of nerves! Good thing is, once Marco pulls the release, there is nothing for it but to focus, and it worked amazingly well. We touched down in 125m, opened both tanks, shot off the bottom and grinned at each other all the way up, surfacing together. I have forgiven him for pretending he was cool as a cucumber, as he did make feel kind of safe during all our sled dives, and it was really amazing fun to share this dive with him. I will still have my revenge for the other day, though, when he blew the sugar coating off his cake into my face! The gloves are off on that one.

Now it's not party time, unfortunately, since there is the small detail of me having announced another world record attempt in - hold on - 11 days time!

Whoever came up with that stupid idea? I want beeeeeeer........


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