Going for it

Ok, so I did one good dive, and what do the Italians do? They decide it's time to go for a world record! They are mad, they are. I feel cheated. I never really, truly, thought we would get to this point. It just sounded like a nice, albeit far away, idea, and now it's suddenly real! Oh sh...

The photo above shows me and Andrea at 100m, where, as you can see, he is spitting bubbles at me, making me laugh. Yesterday we reached 121m, where my mask was so squeezed I could not see a lot, and while I was trying to work out if the baloon was inflated enough and just going by the feel of the water moving across my face, he was busy shaking a happy fist at the camera. As a result, we spent a rather long time moving up slowly slowly. But , seriously, what in world got into those men? How did it happen that the blond girl is driving the sled? Clearly, this is not my fault, and in any case, it was very good, because I need to practice long dives for my variable world record. So there.

Truth is, both Andrea and I have been very focused and working hard - me on trying to equalise, him on trying to teach me to do it. It appears to be working. Now let's hope that it will still be working tomorrow.

World record attempt No. 1 - coming up!


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