World record: who cares

Having grumpily spent three days without putting my head underwater, I returned to the doctor only to be told that I was still not allowed to leave the surface. My confinement lasted eigth days in total, and did not put me in a good mood, to say the least. I got myself some blisters from swimming in the pool with long fins for hours, but this did not stop me from feeling like a tourist on a VERY boring holiday. At least I got a good tan!

I was finally back in the water on Tuesday. With no more time to waste I did a 60m and 65m dive, and was ready to rest and then go for 70m tomorrow, feeling almost back on track, when I got a phone call from Germany last night: someone has gone and hit my lovely mum with a car, so she is in hospital with bones broken and not at all well. Fortunately, the Egypt Air office is open until late at night, so I got myself onto the first flight out of Sharm and am currently at the airport, waiting imaptiently to connect to Berlin.

Meanwhile, all thoughts of world records have gone straight out of my head. Who cares about such things? The sea in Sharm was beautiful, and it will be there next time.

World records will wait, mothers in hospital: no way.


lisa said…
Oje, hoffe Deiner Mum gehts bald wieder gut. Und ja, Rekorde kann man auch ein andermal machen.
Alles Gute!

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