Clean water, clean oceans

Last October I had the good fortune to be invited to the watermen event at Six Senses Lamuu, Maldives, where I came across a bunch of windsurfers from Hawaii, who, apart from spending their lives surfing waves as big as houses - they are all nuts, they are - got together to see what they could do to protect the environment they love. The result of this is positiveH2O, an organisation promoting clean water and awareness of the challenges our oceans face.

As it happens, I returned from a stunning dive to 90m the other day, having taken a look around at the dark blue down there, and picked up a plastic bag on the way back to shore, only to find an invitation to join the +H2O team riders. Needless to say, I'm thrilled - this is an organization with almost no overhead, run by people who spend their lives around water. Although our sports are very different (mine is harmless compared to theirs), we found that we just fit well together in our passion for what we do and the oceans around us.

I'm pleased as anything to join them. I believe this may just be the excellent excuse I needed to visit Hawaii! Check out their website at

Can't wait to see those crazy waves. I'll be watching them with my feet planted safely on the beach!


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