that one went wrong. What I had in mind was along the lines of: get over the nerves, do a solid dive taking a look around in 130m, then: party for a week! What I got was the first proper, solid black out of my freediving career. It seems there is no point in doing things by half, so I went for it in a spectacular fashion, blacking out deep enough for my scooter guardian angel Andrea to get to do the first scooter rescue in freediving history. He says I owe him ten years of his life, and he looked at me quite sternly, but I think it's only fair, as I am sure he took much more than that off the life of his mother who had to watch him crash his motorbike on the racetrack. What goes around, comes around!

The beauty of freediving is, you recover quickly, so after my coaches allowed me to have a dinner of lemon ice cream, I was on the mend. We spent the rest of the week at the mercy of photographer Andy Fox, who showed no qualms in attacking a woman with a camera and a flash at 04:15 am, when I was sitting on the nabq desert beach trying to reflect on the beauty of the sinai sunrise! Well. Good luck with that, there were paparazzi everywhere, even taking pictures of each other:

After I got to chill for one night in the desert the danish feedivers turned up for a minicomp, and I did my usual coaching session, looking after Jakob, who did a national record in CW with 96m, Rune, and new diver Carsten. These guys are always fun and I love to take care of them! When everyone had left, I twisted Andrea's arm a little bit - I might have batted my eylids and said: please take me on a scooter dive, pleeeeeease! Anyhow, we cruised down the reef and took a few turns in 25m. The little devil in me wanted more, the blue was just so beautiful, but Andrea has become annoyingly good at taming it, so no chance in hell, not a single extra meter.

Now I have a hectic month at home where it is - how could it be any different - raining and cold. I will try to follow my homework as closely as possible. I have been told what to eat, and when. Somehow I don't think my coach will agree with my usual breakfast & lunch of coffee, and then coffee.

This is going to be hard work. Will go and have a coffee...


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