News from the worlds

Am sitting in the lobby with 150 athletes buzzing with nervous wrong announcement nerves, waiting for the startlist to come out. I tamed my devil and went conservative with 76m, which may not sound like a safe bet, but I confess I got into the secrecy game and hid my last training success. It's oddly conservative, as it is for once not a personal best in competition. I was ranging from 71m-79m - and am currently thinking: oh nooooooo! Should have done 79, should have done 79! Had I put 79m into the box, it would be: oh nooooo! What have I done? Why? Why? In any case, I can reveal that Sara has gone for 102m, 15 men have gone for 100m or more - amazing. They're all mad, they are.

Meanwhile, all training was cancelled for the last two days: after the earthquake last week, we had a storm with thunder, lightning, wind and highish seas that flooded the shops in town. Our waterworld decided to go for a swim and entered deeper waters about 500m to the right. Must have have known something about the announcements...anyway, freedivers all around were trying to find ways to pass the non-training downtime. See some examples below.

After granny-style-swimming competition held with Guillaume Nery at the hotel pool, the British team were having a tea party to celebrate victory.

A stray dog made the mistake of adopting a bunch of bored athletes, and was turned into a freediving dog instantly. It is clearly planning to go deep, as it was seen sporting an enormous neckweight and using a noseclip.

The female armwrestling night was dominated by fanny, who beat nearly everyone, except Junko from Japan. Note the intent bad-ass look on her face.

Judge Linda was rocking the Italian with a Zebra bathing suit. She remains unbeaten at the top of the stylish judge list.

Pim was so enamoured of the zebra bathing suit, he carried Linda off there and then, to talk about some lists. He said.

Will have some tea now, to calm the non existent nerves. Something is wrong here. I am not in panic mode. Might need stressing out...


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