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image: Daan Verhoeven One might say that blogging has been far from my mind over the last year. This is largely a good thing, meaning I have been immersed in projects and adventures and generally making a beautiful mess of my life, in the best possible way. Challenging was my competition season, which started well enough with my 33d German national record - a dive to 55m without fins at the event Vertical Blue. I thought I had it all figured out since I had given myself a longer freediving period to look forward to for the first time since 2013. A great plan, that was kicking off with world championships in Roatan and supposed to get me to a peak a month later at a small competition in Domincia. Planning, however, is only half the project. A truly evil stomach bug kinda messed up the world championship performances (still a 6th and 7th place, not that bad all things considered) and instead of enjoying the beautiful nature of Dominica I experienced nature at its wildest: I was c

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