Bronze Medal party

Right, well, I got distracted from writing emails, blogs, press releases and such things. It's simple: things went surprisingly well, and you can see me here with Jarmila, who took silver, celebrating easy dives with iced coffees.

First I ended the constant weight competition day, also known as day of darkness, with a very easy dive to 76m, which put me into fourth place and had me ready to go on holiday and straight to the party. A day of darkness it was, with waves high enough to roll right over my head at one minute to official top, the majority of athletes messing up their dives and judge Linda longing for her chicken card. When I surfaced, the safety divers fell into hysterics over what a beautiful dive it had been, which had me quite baffled, until I found out later that I was only the second white card after eight divers, and the first one they saw smiling.

I was very well looked after by my friend William Winram, who is of course married to Michèle (my trusted coffee companion), but she allows him to have me as a second charge, see below, which is just as well, since it appears that every time I need to do a proper dive, I am in some way broken and need Will to fix me.

After the constant weight mess, Stavros thought divers might take it a bit easier for the free immersion day, but no such thing, people were announcing PB's all over the place. My announcement devil made me put 71m into the box, which was not quite the holiday I had in mind. On the comp day Jesper found me all by myself, paddling vaguely into the direction of the warm-up zone. He read my thoughts, which were much along the line of don't want to dive, will turn early, am on holiday, but he was having none of it, gave me a bit of a talking to and put me on the line, where I proceeded to do a super easy bronze medal dive. Then it was time for the party!!! This was much fun, as usual, and as I am not at all a marketing pro, the only picture taken with my bronze medal has me and Liv waving cans of beer at the camera.

After braving the taxi strike/public transport strike/air traffic control strike/customs strike in beautiful Greece I made it home, where my suitcase somehow exploded, leaving me with just enough time to consider what to take to the water/wo/men event at Six Senses Laamu, a beautiful resort in the Maldives, where I am headed to take part in a very exciting environmental charity event. It has a long guest list full of fantastic water pro people, surfers, windsurfers, kiteboarders, etc etc, and me. I am still a bit baffled as to how they came to invite me, but I'm not arguing and who knows? I may get hooked on surfing...

Oh no. Another addiction sport! Danger!


Oli said…
Anna! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Bronzemedallie! Das ist wirklich super. Da kannst Du jetzt ganz in Ruhe auf die Malediven fahren und Deinen "Urlaub" dort fortsetzen. Viel Spaß dabei und nochmals herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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