Clouds? Just get above them.

I know, I know, it’s boring – I promise, snowboarding season is nearly over. We did have one last great event though: the world carving session (WCS) in Europe – held this year in Montafon, Austria. Amazingly, although the forecast had predicted minus ten degrees and snowfall for the entire weekend, we ended up with three days of sunshine. We secretely think that Simon, who did a great job at organizing 200 snowboarders to happily carve the mountain with zero confusion (unheard of, I know!), has had a hand in fixing the weather, too.

Simon’s problem is, he now has the job, and after the event is before the event, after all. He also made a crucial mistake in publishing his mobile number to us. Putting „only for urgent matters and emergencies“ next to it did not do him any good. He should have known that to discover what time the first lift goes up is a terribly urgent matter to a carver, and not finding the pizza place is a class A emergency. The (very excitable) guy responsible for marketing the ski area loved us so much, he wants to get 500 people in next year. If Simon goes missing in action come October, it will be because 500 people have started calling him to find out which B&B has heated boot dryers. Here he is, having his first meal in relative peace, after it’s all over:

Good luck next year Simon. Oh and I was wondering: can you recommend a hotel with hairdryers and a spa?

We got the drinking bit ouf the way in the hotel bar on the night of our arrival, so the rest of the weekend was spent in a lessening state of hangover and some brilliant carving. I had a great time seeing a whole load of girls out looking good, and hugely enjoyed four time world champion Ursula Bruhin’s race technique clinic. It was a lot how I used to ride, a style Remo and Jörg have been busy beating out of me: point your body downhill and GO! Lovely. I might have lost rotation again in the process...oh well. Jörg? Remo? Heeeelp!

Brilliant weekend, lots of great riders, lots of fun. Diving season is about to begin, so I am off to Egypt in April. Jörg and the guys have been busy twisting my arm and convincing me to come along to the carving masters in Sölden, which may be complicated as I arrive back from Dahab on Friday night before the event. Hmmm. I may fly there directly with my monofin and a bag full of bikinis. After all, it’s May, so it should be warm on the Glacier...right?


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