Aspen videos

Carving in Aspen 2010 from Anna von Boetticher on Vimeo.

Here is a bit of proof that not all of the carving pictures I have posted are fake. Watching this makes me want to go back to Aspen on the next best flight, and green with envy for Jörg and Andy, who are both back there right now, laying out the turns. Evil, evil men! It's not alright. At all.

Watching this also reminds that there is plenty of room for improvement, hence another reason to yearn for the slopes. It's floating hairballs at the Richmond swimming pool for me instead...sniff...

Now if you would like to see how it's really done, check out all these fantastic riders in Remo's video:

WCS 2010 SILVRETTA NOVA from eberle remo on Vimeo.


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