Due to chaos and accidents in the family (everyone recovered now, phew) I've had a turbulent winter with next to zero snowtime and little space for thought. Freediving and oceans were a world away and motivation to focus on structured preparation out the window.

The one thing I did manage was to make it to Crossfit five to six days a week, training in a mix of regular classes and personal training with coach Sebastian Werner. It was one hour per day of not thinking about anything except blasting myself with exhaustion in the best possible way. Physical changes started to be visible after around four weeks, but mentally I needed only an hour to know that this was right for me. Anyone who has had the misfortune to see my constant stream of boring gym posts on social media could spot it: I am hooked. Rarely has sweating and cursing been so much fun.

The outstanding coaching I have come across in crossfit boxes (gyms) in Berlin and London has a big part to play in how motivating it is, as well as the community spirit. It made me brave London Underground's Victoria station in rush hour every morning just to be told to go "warm up" with running in the rain by coach James or Freddy at Crossfit Vauxhall. They took one look at this odd freediver and after a brief time of getting used to my special weirdnesses, continued to guide, push, and encourage me along the path I started on at Spree Crossfit in Berlin. This has been invaluable to a traveler like me and made a tough month spent in London inspiring and awesome.

The first stage of checking the result had me do my annual death-by-bycicle fitness test with evil sports doc. What with going to Crossfit six days a week to lift weights, I had given up on any spinning work this year and decided to just not care. This was not an excuse doc was interested in, though, and my attempts at suggesting a new way of getting the test done by visualization was met with a raised eyebrow and some suckers attached to my chest and back. Blast! When my legs gave up I was convinced I had made a mess of it like never before and that crossfit had untrained all the things we'd been working on. In fact, to my (and doc's, I'm sure) surprise, the opposite was true: three months of pure crossfit training have made me fitter for freediving than anything I have ever done before outside of the water and in a lot less time. Just when I was feeling like Zena, the warrior princess, evil doc gave me an appraising look and announced that I ought to start training with "real" weights - a subtle way of telling me it was time to actually get fit. Thanks doc! Thanks. I'm sure devil coach Sebastian will love to oblige.

It's very well seeing all this on paper but now it's time to check how it translates into actual deep dives. Freediving season is here and if I can survive the two day journey to the Bahamas, I will finally get to freefall into the depth at Dean's Blue hole!

I wonder if visualizing statics will be enough to prepare me for some deep dives?


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