Funky partner

Right, here it is, I have some news to tell. I suppose since I took 20 journalists diving with me at a press event in Mallorca last week, the cat has jumped right out of the bag: I have started working with Swiss watch company ORIS. They are as mad as I am, I suppose, and decided it was a good plan to give me a watch and put lots of logos on my wetsuit.

I was not going to disagree with them, especially since I just love my watch! It's beautiful! Also, they have been looking after my freediving friend Carlos Coste for some years now, which I like, and I suppose this means the ORIS crew is well used to the various quirks and silly habits of people who like to hold their breath and have patience with nerdy freedivers. Phew!

We were filming a funky video (coming soon) in Sharm early this year, part of which has me doing a 100m dive. I took one of the first models of the brand new ORIS Aquis Depth Gauge watch down there with me, which has a really clever yet simple system of showing how deep you are to 100m - so hey, this one has been to target depth! There was only one problem after the dive...

I had to give it back to it's owner!


velorowdy said…
Ahoi Anna, ich war einer dieser Journalisten und entdeckte meine Liebe zum Freediving neu. Danke für die FreeDive-Schnellbleiche, muss das mal intensiver machen. Könntest du bitte noch die Links zu den Schulen in Teneriffa/Rotes Meer geben - oder machst du was? Hier noch ein paar Impressionen vom Event.

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