I had five weeks back home! It felt like ages. The days streched out before me, and I was certain there was no need to be in a rush about window cleaning, hoovering, washing, ordering books, training or painting the floor. Instead, it was important to drink coffee, let my god daughter eat my dive watch, and pretend to be a grown up, elegant woman (well...see below) at a wedding (coach Martin got married to my training buddy Elisabeth!).

My plenty-of-time-delusion came to an abrupt end when I counted the weekends and found that I had ONE weekened at home before going off to Egypt again. Everything else was fully booked by a barrage of people demanding freediving workshops. With me. Why? Why? You're all crazy, you are.

In any case, the first round took me to Siegburg, where we had an entire day of all things to do with holding your breath, beautifully organized by Doris, followed by a one day workshop I got talked into giving for a group of seven. They were so perfectly matched and so enclined to have a great time, no matter what I did, they ended up founding the "Freedive Group NRW" on Facebook to train regularily together - if you're from the area, do join them, they are safe - promise!

This was followed by a freediving roadtrip which took me from Berlin to Munich to Basel to Munich to Wendelstein and back to Berlin in three days - 2500 kilometers! All to tell a bunch of people in Munich to hold their breath (see above), and to convince some Swiss SSI professionals that freediving has a future in their divecenters. I think most of them are hooked, so watch out for freedivers training in a pool near you and freediving courses available in your dive center - it's not my fault! They made me do it!

Bags are packed, flight is leaving early in the morning. Time to be serious and get back in the water with my (bestest ever, most handsome, most favorite...) evil coach.

Oh dear. I wonder if doing last minute dry statics will help?


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