Time to get wet!

Winterbreak is over: Freediving season is here! I have a stupidly early flight tomorrow morning, and have spent the last few hours thinking: don't forget anything, don't forget anything, don't....

The last four weeks have passed in a haze of interval training and I have discovered the power of the heartrate monitor. Having all this information right there is replacing the usual "I wonder if it's time for a break?" with "I wonder how far I can get this thing to go up?". Answer: much further than I ever thought possible, and for astonishingly long periods of time! Result: pain. Lots of it. Everywhere.

Now. Having spread random items I feel I should/could/must take along around the flat, I have realized that I am facing a new dilemma. Part of the "let's be serious about this" project has been to test some nutritional supplements to get the cramp problem under control and improve the notoriously low iron levels. Problem is, I now don't have room for my dive gear anymore!

Hmmm. Dive gear. Bikinis. Dive gear. Bikinis. Dive gear...

Oh shit.


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