New Year

Right, this is the last day I'm working in the bookshop this year. Hurrah! There is just one small detail to be considered: I am working in the bookshop on the first day of the NEW YEAR. Now then. Somewhere in there is a mistake. I've been having this "about to finish everything, hoooolidaaayyy"-feeling recently, but am beginning to realize that it is a trick of the mind, much like an optical illusion. When I'm looking at the new year, it seems very distant, like there is a long strech of time between old and new. Clearly, I've been looking through a set of goggles (maybe fluid goggles? The one time I put Rob King's on, all I saw was rainbows) that are creating a pleasant, but nevertheless unreal, distortion. Not only am I working tomorrow, but it will be a very hard day. A new window day. It's worse than usual this time, since I have no idea what to do, and am still hoping that inspiration will come to me sometime in the night. Maybe I should put a sign up now, saying: "stay away from Anna tomorrow, everyone, she'll be in a foul mood, grumbling and cursing all day". I'll report on the state of window soon.

Meanwhile, I've had a night out with Stavros and Panagiota, the organizers of the mediterranean freediving meeting. They are in Berlin so Stavros can see what cold weather really looks like. Since they got here, it has been snowing in Athens. We spent the evening talking freediving, which reminded me that I have not trained since November. Stavros asked me if I did lungstreches. Answer: No. Did I know lungstreches? Answer: No. He has threatened to to teach me a routine, so it looks like I might have to have a new year's resolution and actually start working to become a better freediver. Maybe my lungvolume will grow from tiny to normal now?

Today I have a hangover, I accidentally celebrated new year with a lot of white wine last night. I have no watch at the moment, they all broke one after the other, so my excuse is I had no idea it was 2:30am when I left. I'm also sure the barman just kept filling up my glass when I wasn't looking.

Ok, here goes: New Year's Resolutions.

1. Lungstreches every morning
2. Train static (ugh)
3. Watch the white wine
4. Keep an eye on those barmen
5. Get off the two-buiscuit-one-coffee breakfast routine
6. Be nice to customers always
7. Throw the horrible customers out
8. Plan windows in advance
9. Empty the hoover bag

Anything else? Don't think so. Oh yes: improve in my new addiction sport, rock climbing. I have decided that rock climbing must be fantastic training for us freedivers. Somehow it's much easier to get to the climbing center than to the pool. I am looking at it as a type of mental training. It has to be. Right?

Four pm. Time to close the door quickly before any more people come in. Have a great New Year everyone.


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