Season ready

This is the time of the year where I am mostly focused on getting fit, strong and mentally tough. It is a very busy work period for me, so there is no way to get anywhere near the water to dive, but that doesn't mean I can't do my best to get into shape.

For the last two years, I have done this by simply doing Crossfit. I have discovered that this suits my personality and it has also created really good results for me. Being a coach and teacher myself, I appreciate how good coaching and support can shorten the time spent trying to achieve something, and so I have actively gone out to find the best support for me - so far in the shape of my awesome Crossfit home, Spree Crossfit, as well as my often mentioned devil coach, Sebastian Werner. 

This year, I have added professional  nutritional advice for the first time ever, and the results are surprising. I was hoping for a little tweak, but instead over an eight week period have increased muscle, lost fat and added kilos onto each and any lift, exercise, attempt I have made. I have worked from seven am until midnight for six weeks straight with no breaks and not been sick with colds, flus or other bugs. It has been simply brilliant.

Sometimes, you need to leave the path you became used to with what you decided "works for you" and put your trust into someone else. Be patient and trust the long term process. When my new diet guru Libby Wescombe of Eatercise sent me my meal plan, I was convinced I would be adding a kilo of fat per week. It was scary - in fact, downright terrifying - to eat like that. Instead, I lost 2,5 kilos in the first two weeks, and then put those exact 2,5 kilos back on again as muscle. I am fitter, stronger and tougher than ever in my life. There are four weeks between the following two pictures:

Constantly discovering new things about how I function and what I can get up to is simply fascinating. I have been busy working with high level professionals on extending their physical and mental barriers, constantly pushing and challenging them. To be able to do this well for others I need to allow myself to be challenged in turn and to not shy away from stepping off the regular path on a regular basis.  

Now I can't wait for the freediving season to start, which I will spend complaining about how awful contractions and the urge to breathe are on a dive while having coffee and cake with my freediving friends! Let the moaning begin.

Until then, CrossFit and evil coach might just kill me. 


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