Having dashed home at the end of April in time to enjoy the annual first of May riots in Berlin (it's the European anarchists favorite throw-a-bottle adventure holiday destination), greet my spring bookshop customers, visit London to ramble Wimbledon Common with friends and dog and pick up 12kg of stuff for evil coach, I made it back to Sharm without catching any bugs and - how wonderful - am in the water again!

This is sort of significant as I pulled an Anna reverse diving special and finished the weeks of spring training with a general freediving melt down, getting worse by the day until I ended up 100 steps back from where I started after the winter break, with evil coach finally forbidding me to train. As always, I need to get that far to I realize that I'm getting properly sick and not just having a (few) bad day(s) and that it's time to just stop. Stopping involved rushing around Germany and London, but also drinking beer and wine, which I am convinced is an excellent cure for the training blues!

Back in Sharm, I've still been feeling like sleeping and sleeping all day, every day, but the fog is lifting and today I went to play with the sled, with one sole target: have fun! Never mind skills, plans, precision... just fool around! Sometimes, you have to just give in, step away from everything and have faith that you will feel like yourself again at some point. I have decided on a strict regimen of days off and although it is admittedly starting to make me restless, I have abstained from filling them with burpees and squats so far. Seems to be working at the moment.

Only sad thing: Luda has disappeared! We hope she's just having babies somewhere. Diving is just not the same without a pet barracuda around.


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