New year - again!

How does this happen? Why? Why? It was new year only yesterday, I am sure of it! I am also sure that I did write a blogpost somewhere in between October and Christmas, but apparently, it has gone and hidden itself.
I suppose the same might be said for my powers of freediving. Not that that would take anyone by surprise, least of all, me! I was overwhelmed by the onslaught of the common CC - also know as Christmas Customer - at least that's my excuse for not training and going on a steady regime of choclate and biscuits instead. I might have set a national record in giftwrapping, though - a friend asked me, quiet seriously, if there wasn't a giftwrapping machine? Well here's the news: there is! She's called Anna!
In any case, while I stayed dry, my mobile phone went freediving in a jug of water some time ago, therefore leaving the door wide open for the final attack of my (very manlike in this matter) friend Falk, who somehow talked me into getting i-d up. I have now joined the club of sorry people who slide their fingers across touchscreens, although I still feel kind of embarrassed about this and tend to bury the thing at the bottom of my bag. I will, however, confess to buying my first "app" (hideous term!), and no, it is nothing to do with shoes! It is - sigh - "iholdbreath". Now. There is something distinctly weird going on in my psyche. Somehow, the stopwatch that I have kept on my bedside table for over six months now has completely failed to entice me to do a single one of the CO2 tables I had planned on. I cannot do it, I cannot, I cannot....but: if the i-thingy tells me to hold my breath, dry - urgh - in the morning - urgh - I get right to it! Amazing!
It speaks with a man's voice. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?


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