Adaptation? Zero

The not-eating-for-static project was met with much disbelief on the part of boss instructor, who shook his head at me when I ordered one Fanta for lunch. Annoyingly, he was proven right. The whole project worked on a miniscule scale, improving the time without contractions by all of 35 seconds! I struggled to get to 4:30, then thought, alright, will push to five, realized I was low on oxygen and surfaced at 4:32. So much work for nothing - it is too annoying. I think I will just strike static from my freediving program as of now. It will be consigned to the rubbish, together with the noseclip.

Anyhow, boss instructor tamed the devil in my head that was now very annoyed (bad result in static...) and wanted to announce 65m constant weight, so I was all sensible for a change - amazing - and wrote down 50m instead. Unsurprisingly, this was an easy dive. The only problem with it was that Marco and Andrea will now wind me up for ever because I did a 32m and a 50m dive in their competition. And a ridiculous static! I will never live it down.

I should not have been surprised when my day off was once again cancelled, as I clearly did not do any work in the competition. I got to go back on the sled, only with a difference this time: tandem diving! I have to say, it is a bit distracting to be aware that boss instructor is watching me while whizzing down to 100m. I had (or so I thought) an excellent idea how to solve this: Andrea has to dive with his back to the sled, so he can't stare at me on the way down. This somehow did not meet with the guys approval.

I clearly need to work more on twisting them round my little finger. It seems I have not been successful on that count at all!


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