90m variable weight video

I got a guy I know to help edit the 90m video. This was interesting, because while we were watching the footage and then getting the dive into sequence, the guy was nearly having a series of heartattacks from sheer excitement. When the film was ready, he could not sit still to watch it, but had to pace around the room. I was kind of realizing then that what I have been doing in Crete is fairly extreme, at least to the normal person. I get so used to it, I don't feel like it is anything very special, after all I was down there and it did not feel extreme to me, at the time. The dive was easy and I was busy being annoyed that I am still not equalizing as well as I feel I should. Also, there are guys all around me there happily popping to those depths without the help of sleds, so I really don't feel like I am diving all that deep.

The whole thing would of course not look anything like as dramatic as it does if it wasn't for Stavros' new safety tool: the depth sounder. You can hear the guys shouting out the depth, which, although I did not have a camera with me all the way down, gives an impression of time passing and makes it quite exciting, I think.

Here it is:


P.S: I did not kiss everybody, in case you were wondering, although it was nice to be allowed to do so by the head judge.


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